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40 years of experience
More than 40 professionals
60% of our clients are multinationals

The key to a dream

Everything started in the 80s, like so many other things.

The enlightened agency created by Anselmo Santos soon turned into Key Iberboard, a local business with a global vocation that offered employment and accounting advice to multinational companies.

The Japanese were the first to place their trust on the company. A stellar recommendation, and the key that opened doors to a new era.

The 90s were a time of exploration and professional growth. A new generation of shareholders, namely Pablo Santos and Elvira Arcos, worked with their team and continued to expand to new clients. “An exciting journey that opened many avenues”, in their own words. In that journey they had to face difficult moments, moments they overcame with effort, courage and great doses of humour and imagination. They are hugely analytic and nonconformist, it’s in their DNA to take stock constantly, see where things are and where there is room for improvement. It was at this time that a clear, precise, kind and agile way of tackling and solving problems, of turning difficult things into easy ones, became their trademark.
In the decade of 2000 the Company grew and incorporated legal and tax services, thereby offering a wider variety of services characterized by quality, sector focus and independence. At this time new services began to be offered, symbolising Key Iberboard’s change and evolution. They started calling themselves a boutique firm, with partners that work for and believe in their business, with highly efficient teams whose aim is pleasing their clients. The millennium was an intense, exciting time where Key Iberboard redesigned its presence in the international market and its future combining its personalised treatment of clients with the offer of cutting edge, efficient services. A thousand anecdotes pave the way to what has always been Key Iberboard’s core belief: that commitment to the client is what makes the difference. Cater to the clients’ needs and grow hand in hand, sparing no resources to achieve it. Generously.
Key Iberboard’s is one of those beautiful stories of overcoming and transformation that stands the test of time. Not only because it survives the passing of time, but also because it has known how to win over employees and clients, because it is an adaptive species and is not afraid of creating new versions of itself. Key Iberboard feels comfortable in constant movement, accompanying an era of changes in the way value is produced, where standing still is not an option. That is why today it continues to push ahead, betting on talent, efficient processes and technology in the design of services. That is why today it still holds the key to a dream that seems to have no end.

We are order and precision.

Knowledge, professionalism and commitment. A magic triad to take care of what we do and how we do it.

We love what we do

Customer service with passion, intelligence, effort and a lot of «art».

The past speaks for us and the future inspires us

We learn from the past while looking to the future to create a firm unlike any before.

We have the digital gene, we are an adapted species

Our services are already those of a new generation, just like our clients.

Our value proposal is peace of mind

We are in the business of trust, which makes the client recommend us.

Global vision, local perspective

We belong to Prime Global, an independent international association that allows us to provide coverage abroad with the same quality as in the national territory.
It is one of the five largest associations in the world; with almost 300 successful accounting, auditing, tax and management firms; and 22,000 professionals spread across 80 countries.
For more information about PrimeGlobal, please visit their website: www.primeglobal.net
Labour, tax, accounting and legal advice with international standards and local proximity

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