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A major technology company needs to improve its compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP)



  • The client needs to design the necessary technological model, developing the procedures, implementing the technical solutions and making the company’s personnel aware of the importance of information protection.


  • The variety of the company’s clients, the diversity of services provided and the use of a large volume of information handled by various technologies, makes it a complex project that must be handled from different areas, in order to be able to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the processing of personal data that is carried out and of the risks involved. To this end, a technological and legal analysis was carried out, which provided us with a clear vision of the points to be improved both from the point of view of legal compliance and from that of the technological measures necessary to be able to protect the information adequately. The fact of carrying out a comprehensive technological and legal analysis of compliance, provides a comprehensive view of improvements that should be applied.


  • As a result, the company was able to comply with the general European data protection regulation from the point of view of technology and legal. At the same time, we implemented a service of continuous advice that facilitates the company’s management of GDPR compliance in time. In addition, a training programme was developed for the staff of the company to improve awareness of the importance of information safety.
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