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Management of exemption certificates and travel expenses for a group of computer engineers from a leading English subsidiary in billing solutions



  •  The workers demanded that the company certify the days spent abroad, the client companies that had been served, the type of work performed and the calculation of the day’s wage and the amount exempt from taxation.


  • An overseas travel expense module was implemented, which enabled the client to impute all the necessary information on each worker for the purpose of the calculation of exempt daily incomes for work abroad, as well as the procedure for reimbursement of expenses.
  • The company was provided with a table with the work carried out and visits to clients who did count for the purposes of exemption and those who did not, if they were considered courtesy visits, meetings, sale of goods, et..
  • Preparation of annual certificates of income from work abroad for the purposes of the application for exemption by workers.
  • Online consultation service to answer worker’s doubts on these issues.


  • Our company was able to channel all the consultations and the elaboration of the exemption certificates for a group of 15 workers, freeing up time previously dedicated to these issues.
  • Implement an easy to use tool which allowed each employee to impute the information on their travels, report expenses, consult days and hours of work abroad and other information necessary for the management of the tax exemption.
  • Establish an online consultation service, providing direct support to employees on tax issues related to their tax returns.
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