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Management of income from work abroad. Appeals to the Economic Administrative Court for refusal of exemption to several executives of a financial company



  • The auditing bodies of the tax agency had refused the right to apply exemption to a series of workers for income earned from jobs performed abroad during the 2011 and 2012 tax years.


  • In all the cases, we applied for administrative appeals before the Central Economic-Administrative Court, thereby managing to prove the reality of the trips, the applicability of the exemption for the types of jobs performed, and the right to a refund of the amount paid in excess.


  • We opened up the path to tax refunds for the workers, even though the employer company had not wanted to directly apply the exemption to the income paid to its workers for jobs performed abroad.
  • This allowed the company to change its policy regarding those workers, given that the Court confirmed that their earnings were subject to exemption, thereby improving the satisfaction of the company’s key employees who performed jobs abroad.
  • Refunds of considerable amounts of unduly paid taxes for executives, with the corresponding late interest payment.
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