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North American company, global leader in customer loyalty solutions: payroll data migration to cloud solution, accounting link and employee portal.



  • The client wanted to change from the traditional paper-based payroll service to an electronic format. To move from a document distribution system to the downloading of documents by employees from a corporate intranet, automating the posting of payroll entries through a link developed for this purpose.


  • All salary and personnel information was migrated to our cloud-based payroll solution, for a staff of 50 employees.
  • All salary cost items were analysed and the accounting link was developed to extract the information from the payroll application for automatic dumping into the client’s accounting program.
  • The employee portal was launched, adapting it to the specific needs of the client.


  • Modernizing the client’s payroll management and applying new management tools, improving staff satisfaction by having an Intranet to channel communication and information between both parties.
  • Providing the company with an organized, easy to use and updated database, with hardly any investment cost and zero maintenance costs…
  • Savings in paper costs, time spent on distribution of payroll and other documents. Access to documentation 24 hours a day from anywhere with an Internet connection.
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