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Obtaining residence and work permits for non EU lawyers in an American law firm and including them in the «Beckham tax regime»



  • The law firm needed to hire in Spain and obtain authorization, to reside and work legally in the country, for a number of US lawyers  who had to provide legal advice, from Spain, to Spanish clients, with presence in the United States and in relation to their business and investments in the USA.


  • Prepare all the necessary documentation for this group of lawyers and to prepare a report justifying, before the Directorate General of Employment of the Community of Madrid, the need to hire foreign lawyers, who could not be registered in Spain, as legal advisors to certain international and Spanish clients of the Law firm.
  • Preparation of meetings with the public administration to get the green light for obtaining work permits in Spain.


  • The application was accepted by the administration, the residence and work permits were issued in a short period, as well as their subsequent renovations.
  • Residence permits were processed for spouses and children, who are economically dependent on these workers, who also moved to Spain.
  • The inclusion of lawyers in the special regime of taxation of impatriates, the so-called «Beckham Act», benefiting from a reduced income tax, for a period of five years, as non-resident legislation was applied.
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