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Advising for a spanish holding company regarding the criteria for being able to maintain the special tax scheme of foreign securities holding entities (ETVE)



  • We wanted to prevent the holding company from losing the benefit of not having to pay taxes in Spain for the dividends received due to its corporate holdings in various foreign entities.
  • We sought to create the necessary organisational and maintenance structure so that the company could comply with the requisites of the law and avail itself of this special tax scheme.


  • The corporate body was modified, and the company was given an organisational structure so that it could manage investments in foreign investees from Spain.
  • Domicile services were provided for the holding company at our facilities, in addition to the availability of offices and meeting rooms, and professional assistance for the accounting, tax, and labour management of the entity.


  • The Spanish holding company was able to take on an organisational structure that allowed it to comply with the taxation requisites of ETVEs.
  • Considerable tax savings by not having to pay tax in Spain for the dividends received from a foreign source.
  • The creation of an organisational and minimum cost structure in our country as a result of the management support services provided by our firm.
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