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Technology company with an outsourced accounting department outside Spain joins the Immediate Information Supply System (IIS)



  • Our client, to whom we provide tax advice services has its accounting department outsourced outside Spain. Due to its condition as a large company, it is forced to enter the SII when this new system comes into force.
  • Its accounting software does not allow it to comply with this new obligation and its volume of invoices (issuing and receiving) makes it necessary to send the VAT register books on a daily basis.


  • We designed a solution that allows us to convert the VAT books issued by the client’s accounting software into the format required by the Tax Office and to send the information automatically.
  • A working procedure is established with the client so that he can send us the VAT books on a daily basis.


  • The client complies with the new tax obligation of immediate supply of information (SII) and the necessary reports are also produced, based on the data sent to the SII, so that it can prepare the VAT forms to be submitted.
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