Management of payroll has a direct influence on work relations, and has an influence on workers’ satisfaction and team productivity.


We provide ongoing tax advice services in order to find the best solution for each
situation with tax ramifications.


Accounting is about more than transcription of issued documents. It is also a useful
tool for making informed decisions.


We advise and legally represent companies in matters of employment, commercial and data protection.

Global Mobility

From a labour, fiscal and social security framework we ensure that clients and workers can have security in their international labour relations.


Our wide experience in new technologies and cybersecurity provides specific solutions that give effective response to our clients’ needs.


Concursos de acreedores exprés y su auge durante el Covid-19

La actual situación de la pandemia del COVID-19 está teniendo un impacto económico muy importante. Está provocando el cierre de muchas empresas o la finalización de la actividad de personas físicas. Si bien empezó de una forma muy lenta, actualmente, el deterioro de...

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Clients speak out for us

Rigour and professionalism

“They make an effort to get to know the Company and adapt to every need, they
always keep track of changes and they are very proactive with their proposed
solutions, which always offer great rigour and professionalism.”

Alonso Cienfuegos, Allen & Overy’s HR Director

Trusted advisors

“They really are proactive. You can always count on them. They are very fast, always one step ahead and that is why they are my trusted advisors.”

Elena de la Fuente, Biomerieous España’s HR Director for Iberia

They find answers

“Key Iberboard is a firm whose main objective is to find solutions for their clients. They think outside the box, they provide alternatives, look for options and commit to a recommendation.”

Bárbara Matas, KeyWords Studios’ HR Director

Strongly client-oriented

«As an administration manager, it is essential to have the support of Key Iberboard, specialists in HR, payroll and labour issues. I can recommend them without hesitation for their professionalism, speed of response and strong customer orientation.»

Ingolf Krumm, Instituto Arqueológico Alemán’s Administration Manager

Always by our side

“We have worked with Key Iberboard since we were a start-up in 2012, until now,
when we have become an agency of a certain size. Both in good times and in bad
times, they have always been by our side, helping and advising us on everything with great professionalism and always with a smile. I sleep very well knowing that the most arduous and complicated issues, those that cannot fail, are in their capable hands.»

Javier Suso, VCCP Spain’s CEO

A perfect travelling companion

Since 1852 we have been used to good work and daily effort. We have been looking for excellence and continuous improvement for many years and we have luckily found Key Iberboard, a perfect travel companion for many years now.

Cristina Cebrián, Marqués de Murrieta

We didn’t hesitate to go back to working with Key Iberboard

“When we set up our own small business, we didn’t hesitate in going back to working with Key Iberboard, with whom we had enjoyed a very good relationship previously”.

Angel Zabala, SSR Iberia’s Director

Success stories

Each activity, each business sector, each market has its own peculiarities, their own administrative, tax and legal characteristics. Knowing well all aspects of the game is essential to work effectively. In this aspect in particular, experience is paramount.
Labour, tax, accounting and legal advice with international standards and local

ISO 9001 certified quality control processes and systems

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