Accounting is about more than transcribing the documents received or issued by the company. It must also be a useful tool in making informed decisions, and must therefore show the operations that the company carries out during the financial year as faithfully as possible. Moreover, it should not be a burden for the company that interferes with the development of its activity.

At KEY IBERBOARD we take care of the whole accounting cycle of a business. Our team of expert accountants is in charge, not only of recording the day-to-day accounting movements, but also of helping our clients to design an accounting plan adapted to their needs, which allows them, if necessary, to monitor their different cost centres analytically. Coordination and communication with the client is fundamental in our relationship with them, therefore we establish with them deadlines for the supply of financial statements, which are drafted according to their requirements, so that they can control the development of their business at all times.

To do this we have the latest technology in this field at our disposal: automatic entering of invoices, bank reconciliation through online banking, document management in the cloud, travel expenses recorded via app, etc.

Business Cloud


At KEY IBERBOARD we wanted to combine our extensive knowledge in accounting with the possibilities offered by technology in order to provide you with a fast, simple and functional accounting solution. Through our Business Cloud, we want to help you optimize your billing and registration processes so that you can save time and costs.

Advantages of the Business Cloud

Wherever you want, whenever you want

Access our cloud platform from wherever it is most convenient for you: computer, tablet, smartphone… at any time!

Automatic Invoice Posting

Our software allows us to automatically identify invoice data, process it and make the corresponding accounting entries. it’s that easy!

Get rid of tickets

Thanks to our software, you no longer need to keep all your tickets. Simply take a picture of them and upload them to our platform!


Your team and our accountants will work with data in real time, allowing them to lighten their workload and be more efficient.

Document Management

Forget about paper and store your documents in the cloud. Simplify your processes and save time and costs.

Resource optimization

Invest less time and effort in running your accounting operations, save costs thanks to the technology we offer yo


Our business cloud platform protects the privacy and confidentiality of your financial information and complies with the GDPR to ensure the security of your data.

Information accuracy

Process automation reduces human error and allows you to keep tighter control of your accounting data.

Specific Business Cloud Solutions


In Key Iberboard we provide our clients with a balanced scorecard with the most important financial ratios and indicators to help them in the analysis of their company’s activity, the definition of objectives and decision making.

Intelligent Accounting

As a result of our philosophy of continuous improvement we have put the latest technologies in the market at the service of our clients. Our accounting process incorporates various tools, such as automatic posting of invoices and tickets and bank reconciliation, allowing us to provide an efficient and quality accounting service.

SII (Immediate Information Supply)

We have specific solutions to comply with this tax obligation. Whether we do the accounting for the company or the company has its own accounting department, sending the VAT books to the Tax Office is no longer a problem for our clients.

International Reporting

Our extensive experience over the years in working with multinational companies has given us an understanding of many reporting systems. In addition, the versatility of the accounting software we work with allows us to easily obtain the information and documentation that parent companies demand from our clients.
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