Global Mobility

From a labour, tax and social security framework we ensure that our clients and their workers can be secure in their international labour relations.

At KEY IBERBOARD we are convinced that we can help you with the international mobility of the workers in your company: immigration procedures, planning of expatriation/impatriation processes and applicable legislation in destination countries.

Advantages of Global Mobility

Comprehensive management

With the help of our international partners, we accompany you throughout the migration process that may arise from your professional and employment relationships.

Work in several countries

Labour relations are most often developed across multiple countries. We advise you on the best way to adapt to the regulations applicable in the destination countries.

Taxation of expatriates

We analyse the taxation and double taxation agreements applicable to displaced workers in the countries of destination.

International social security

European Union regulations, bilateral agreements outside the European Union, renewals and extensions, in any territory.

Legal advice

We offer you comprehensive advice during all stages of the process of posting your workers.

Non-resident personal income tax regime

We help you make the best decision on the form of taxation for your impatriate workers.

Permits and authorisations

Obtaining residence and work permits and the corresponding authorisations, according to the worker’s profile.

Compliance with the Labour Authority

Presentation of documents in accordance with the legislation that requires the communication to the labour authority of the movements of displacement.

Specific solutions of Global Mobility

Displaced Workers (7P)

At KEY IBERBOARD we want to help you with your taxes regarding those jobs you have done abroad, whether they are of a specific nature (trips, specific journeys…) or whether they are periodic or regular. In this sense, we will take the necessary steps to apply the exemption and guarantee the application of the most advantageous tax regime.

Impatriates (Beckham regime)

If you are a national of a European Union state and acquire your tax residence in Spain as a result of a work transfer or the acquisition of the status of administrator in a company in whose capital you do not participate, we will carry out for you all the necessary formalities for the application of the special tax regime.

This regime allows you to pay tax under the Non-residents Income Tax during the tax period in which the change is made and during the five following tax periods, which implies a significant tax advantage in that you will only be taxed on the income obtained in Spanish territory at a fixed rate of 24%.

Transnational Displacements

Whether you are planning to travel abroad for work reasons, or if one of your workers plans to move to one of your group companies located outside Spanish territory, at KEY IBERBOARD we help you to carry out all the relevant procedures: drafting and reviewing contracts of work, study of the applicable tax regime, analysis of bilateral agreements or displacements that include several countries of destination.

Legal residency

In case that you cannot apply the regime of citizen of the European Union, we will accompany you in all the negotiations with the Public Administrations so that you can develop your profession in Spain and you can obtain the corresponding residence and work permits.
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