Labour advice


Labour advice is about guiding companies through the regulations applicable to relations with their employees, looking for the alternatives that best suit the company’s situation and advising it in compliance with the law.

Labour advice is one of the pillars of Key Iberboard, with a great team of professionals with ample experience in this field.

We advise on labour, social security and personal income tax matters. In addition, we carry out labour audits, so that our clients can check the degree of compliance with labour and social regulations in their HR departments.


Payroll management is one of the most important processes in companies. Labour relations are the fundamental pillars of most companies as they have a significant influence on both the personal satisfaction of the worker and the productivity of the company.

At Key Iberboard we are aware of how important this labour relationship is and therefore, we seek both the satisfaction of our clients and their employees.

We have more than 40 years of experience in payroll management and an accredited professional solvency in the processing of information and data on behalf of all types of business entities, foundations and associations, embassies and public and private institutions.

HR Portal

At Key Iberboard we are not only devoted to payroll. We provide our clients with tools that help them manage their human resources, improving both their internal communication and the communication with our consultants.

Advantages of the HR portal

Key Iberboard’s HR portal is the perfect tool for the management of your company’s human resources. It consists of a personnel administration company portal with multiple modules that can be integrated at any time depending on the needs that arise in your company and a very powerful and intuitive control panel.

The portal is very complete in terms of cost statistics and reporting. Noteworthy modules: employee portal, expense notes, training, selection, performance evaluation, time management, etc.

Efficient communication

Share work documentation with your employment consultant and forget about email.

Simplify processes

Centralize all HR information in a single database and improve communication with your employees, quickly and easily.

Make things easier for your employees

Give them a tool to manage vacations and leaves, expense notes, documents… and many other things!


Export all the information you need to Excel.

From any device

Your employees will be able to consult their payroll from any mobile device.

Adapts to your corporate image

Tools that adapt to your company’s image by incorporating your logo and corporate colour.


Maximum security for your company’s data and those of your employees, complying with all the requirements imposed by the GDPR.

Easy to use

Very intuitive solutions with immediate implementation. 

Labour, tax, accounting and legal advice with international standards and local

ISO 9001 certified quality control processes and systems

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