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Our professional team of lawyers and tax advisors advises all types of clients with speed, empathy and efficiency. – Always close to you at important moments, providing the global vision of the best sectorial practices, the knowledge of experts in different legal areas and an external perspective to that of the company, which provides objectivity.

Our legal services

Labour Law

Human capital is a fundamental part of any business organisation, – but it is also a differentiating factor of each type of company.

Tax Law

We have expert lawyers who will advise and represent you in all matters related to Tax Law.

Commercial Law

The high qualification and specialisation of our professionals allows us to advise national and international companies in all areas of commercial and corporate law.

Data Protection

We offer a 360º advice in data protection complemented by the technological and legal fields.

Labour Law

We are specialists in labour law and Social Security.

Human capital is a fundamental part of every business organization, but it is also a differentiating factor of every type of company.

We accompany companies in their day-to-day work in the best planning of work relations, but, sometimes, conflict is inevitable. This requires the best technical defence and procedural legal assistance. At KEY IBERLEX we are litigators in the field of social jurisdiction supporting companies, managers and employees.

Our labour consultancy services cover all areas of labour law. We can emphasize the following ones: 


Labour due diligence

Analysing labour relations in all areas is essential for proper human resource planning. Our multidisciplinary team carries out an audit to diagnose the degree of compliance with regulations, detect possible deficiencies (in the field of Social Security or in recruitment, for example) and suggest the necessary improvements. – We also use this legal instrument to evaluate risks and labour and Social Security contingencies in the acquisition of a new company.

Hiring and employment relations

Our services begin with advice on the most appropriate contractual terms and conditions for each case. Once the employment relationship has been established, we advise our clients on how to make the right decisions and – apply the corresponding working conditions in the area of equality and – non-discrimination, social benefits, flexible remuneration policies, geographical – mobility, termination of contracts, labour flexibility, etc., always adapting our solutions to the circumstances and the market in which each company operates.

Restructuring of companies

The complexity of a restructuring and reorganisation process, which undoubtedly affects the workers, prevents the adoption of general or standardised measures. Therefore, our team of lawyers provides highly specialized advice and is highly involved in designing measures in accordance with the philosophy of each company and its organizational needs.

We use the instruments that the law places at our disposal, but we are aware of the importance of negotiation to achieve satisfactory results in these processes.


Contracts and subcontracts

The outsourcing of services is already a social reality and a mark of productive organization which force companies to adopt innovative contractual solutions, always adapted to the companies’ needs and with the highest legal rigor.

Our lawyers, backed by their experience and knowledge of the most up-to-date – jurisprudence in this field, advise clients on the most common risks and contingencies, such as the illegal assignment of workers or the different responsibilities that arise between contractors and subcontractors.

We also have experience in all aspects of business succession: – buying and selling of companies or production units, changes in contracts, splits and mergers of companies, etc.


Collective agreements and company agreements

The importance that collective bargaining acquires in providing social cohesion and peace to the company, but also in the economic and competitive field, obliges companies to shape their present and future labour relations by relying on expert and highly specialised advice.

Salary agreements, hiring policies, working hours, leave regimes and the configuration of – professional groups are some of the issues that, when regulated and negotiated properly, contribute to the stability of the company. – Senior management and other special labour relations – The correct classification of an employment relationship as ordinary or senior management – has very important implications for working managers. Moreover, the issue is more complex when they join the administrative body, which can have various legal consequences, including exclusion from the employment relationship.


Senior management and other special labour relations

The correct classification of an employment relationship as ordinary or senior management – has very important implications for working managers. Moreover, the issue is more complex when they join the administrative body, which can have various legal consequences, including exclusion from the employment relationship.

We offer complete legal advice on the design and drafting of contracts and on the most appropriate configuration of contractual relations, both in the field of senior management and in other special relationships (artists, lawyers working for law firms or professional sportsmen).


International mobility of workers

We have a comprehensive advisory service for the management of foreign workers and of executive staff who are temporarily or permanently posted to companies established in Spain, as well as their families.

We are experts in dealing with the immigration authorities, advising companies on how to obtain residence and work permits for their workers and managers in the shortest possible time, always in accordance with the most appropriate legal mechanisms.


Labour litigation

As procedural experts, we are aware that the best advice is preventive, but when a matter is brought to court, we must approach it with the best procedural strategy and offer the client specialized procedural solutions in accordance with the circumstances of the case.

We represent companies, managers and employees in all types of legal proceedings (dismissals, substantial changes in working conditions, violation of fundamental rights, quantity claims, social security, social security sanctioning procedures, benefit surcharges, etc.).

Tax law

We have expert lawyers who will advise and represent you in all matters related to Tax Law.
In a field as changing as the tax sphere, it is essential to surround yourself with specialists who analyse the impact of  each of your decisions and who advise you on the different alternatives available to you, preventing risks, – quantifying costs and savings and, in general, providing the necessary security for the development of all your projects.

The repertoire of services that we make available to you in this area is wide and difficult to specify, although, due to their importance – and their recurrence – we indicate the following:


Fiscal planning

Preventing risks, detecting fiscal opportunities and obtaining savings must always start with correct fiscal planning. It is the basis for implementing the necessary changes in the company in order to avoid possible legal consequences derived from an incorrect design of the fiscal operation.

Integral revision (Due diligence)

We put at your disposal a multidisciplinary team in charge of revising the fulfilment of your legal obligations, emphasizing tax matters.

Detect anomalies, inefficiencies, minimize risks, quantify contingencies and reduce your tax bill. Protect yourself against inspections by means of a previous tax – audit, or entrust us with the tax review of potential businesses to be acquired. All this is part of our comprehensive review service.


Tax inspections and verification procedures

Our lawyers are experts in representing clients before the tax inspection and management bodies, from the opening of the  procedure to the signing of the minutes or documents that conclude the review. We review the documents to be provided, detect possibilities of increasing or reducing the scope of the investigation, draft the appropriate allegations and, in general, try to minimize the result of these actions.

Specialised advice, backed up by the experience of our lawyers, enables us to deal with these situations, which generate alarm and insecurity, with the greatest guarantees.


Contentious-administrative practice

From appeals for reversal, appeals for review, requests for improper – income, through economic-administrative claims before the regional or central court, even in administrative proceedings, to legal representation in court of the contentious order, we are prepared to defend your rights.

Our professionals are procedural experts and have the best databases of jurisprudence to protect the interests of the client.


Special operations

The importance of the tax aspects in almost any operation makes it – essential to foresee, analyze and study them in an exhaustive manner. Our lawyers are involved in the sale of shares and participations in companies, in transfers of essential assets (such as real estate), commercial restructuring, dissolutions and liquidations, identification of goodwill, distribution of dividends or share premium, among others.

Transfer pricing

Increasingly, the tax administration is monitoring related transactions. Penalties for not having the required documentation are very high, but complying with the documentation does not guarantee the absence of liquidations by the administration if the valuation methods are not – applied or if they do not comply with the «arm’s length» principle.

Our lawyers advise and help the client to prepare the legally required documentation by selecting the most appropriate valuation methods. Our integration into PRIMEGLOBAL gives us access to international databases and provides us with the necessary legal advice in the jurisdiction where the company or its subsidiaries operate.


Family business

Do you want to minimise the tax cost of business assets? Are you prepared for generational change in your company? Do you know the different alternatives for avoiding taxation on the succession or donation of your family business?

We have been advising family businesses for many years, designing family protocols that guarantee the stability of the business, the resolution of internal problems and the continuity of the company when its founders are no longer in charge.

Commercial Law

The high qualification and specialisation of our professionals allows us to advise national and international companies in all areas of commercial and corporate law, providing intelligent and creative solutions to the legal issues that arise on a daily basis.
KEY IBERLEX’s advice covers national and international commercial contracts and company law in all areas (company incorporation, corporate operations, restructuring, etc.).

In coordination with the different areas of the firm, our work begins by assigning each case to the most appropriate lawyer according to his or her experience and area of knowledge, who will be the main contact with the client. The assigned team will study each case in a personalized fashion in order to find the most favourable legal scenario that offers the greatest guarantees of success, always with the active participation of the client.

The best advice is preventive. We help companies and individuals.


Corporate Law

We accompany our clients in the choice of the best corporate form and in the initial drafting of their Articles of Association, offering support in all operations and legal actions that may arise, including those aimed at extinguishing the legal entity. It also includes the shareholders’ agreement, the choice of the best form of corporate administration, the design and planning of the compensation of the directors and executives, and the analysis of the liability of the directors.

We also support and perform professional secretarial functions for companies on Boards of Directors, in meeting announcements, and we draft the necessary minutes or certifications for the company.


Contracting and general commercial advice

We offer extensive advice on contractual matters, such as the drafting and – supervision of company purchase and sale contracts, liability – refinancing operations, supply and distribution contracts, commercial loans, analysis of general contracting conditions and, in general, all types of – commercial contracting operations.

Similarly, due to our high level of procedural specialisation, we advise and assist companies and partners in proceedings to challenge corporate agreements, liability of directors, etc.

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