Tax advice

Whether we take care of our clients’ accounting, their tax obligations, or both, we provide a continuous tax advice service that helps them to design the scenario that best suits the different situations they face that may have tax implications.

By means of our newsletters and circulars we keep up to date with the legal changes in tax matters that affect them most and our team of consultants solves all the doubts that may arise.

We manage the response to the tax agency’s requests and settlement proposals, we file appeals, we present corrective statements and claims for tax refunds. Overall, we defend their interests before the administration.

Tax Compliance


Tax Compliance is about the provision of information to the various tax authorities, in addition to making the corresponding payments or requesting refunds, according to the procedure and deadlines established by Law. Mismanagement of a company’s tax obligations can be the source of penalties and surcharges, in addition to the extra work it involves in filing complaints with public bodies.
Our tax department, which is made up of experienced tax advisors, is in charge of complying with all our clients’ tax obligations, ensuring that the legal deadlines are respected, and providing them with the lowest cost alternatives, under the premise of «zero risk».

Start-ups, large corporations and tax consolidation groups, among others, benefit from our Tax Compliance service, which includes the following:

Withholdings and account deposits and fractioned payments

Preparation and telematic presentation of all declarations on withholdings and account deposits of all types of income and in relation to any tax (IRPF, IRNR and IS).

Indirect taxation

Online liquidation and submission of any indirect tax on economic activity (VAT, ITP and AJD, IIEE, IGIC, local taxes), regardless of the territory from which it accrues (common territory, foral territories, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).

Direct taxes

Calculation, including where appropriate the accounting provision, preparation and telematic presentation of the tax on business profits (IRPF, IRNR and IS).

Informative declarations:

Preparation and presentation of information returns in relation to all taxes and also to bodies other than the AEAT (operations with third parties, related operations, INTRASTAT, intra-EU operations, model 720, ETE (Bank of Spain), model D-6, INE surveys, etc.).


Special regimes

Tax consolidation, permanent establishments, ETVE, REGE in VAT, cash criteria, VAT deferred on import, etc


Large companies

We are specialists in the management of the specific tax obligations of large companies (SII, Country by Country, non-abbreviated ETE, etc.).

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